Bulldog’s update

Bulldog’s update

Bulldog Bakes update 1/11/23


Well guys, we’ve hit a couple of milestones in October.


  • We have (with your help) funded the planting of over 10,000 trees through our partnership with Ecologi.
  • Secondly, our Facebook page has smashed the 3,000 follower mark last week.


We can’t stress how appreciative we both are for all the love and support that you’ve shown us at Bulldog Bakes, both since The Bakehouse opened and going back to when we started out from our spare room back in lockdown 2020.


As a lot of you will be aware, we have recently tweaked some of our pricing around breakfast rolls and our cake/breakfast and coffee deals – We’ve reduced those deals slightly. This is down to the ever-fluctuating costs of ingredients, energy and such like.


On the note of ever fluctuating costs, we also have a couple of changes to announce that will help us as a business to continue to operate and grow over the coming months and years.


  • Firstly, we are being forced to stop planting a tree for each order, this is down to nothing other than increased expenses being incurred by our partner Ecologi which in turn has resulted in the cost of each tree increasing significantly.


We were paying 24p from each order to Ecologi to fund a tree, this is due to increase to 61p in November. Needless to say, given we sell cake and coffee primarily, that’s not a cost that we can incur whilst also offering the best value possible to our ever loyal customers. We will continue to plant trees on a subscription basis, albeit less than we are currently. However, as a well known motto goes – Every little helps.


  • Secondly, we are also stopping the current 10% discount that we offer to people who work in Channel St and the area immediately surrounding our shop, we think this is fair considering the recent changes to our pricing and means that everyone is saving a little bit when they’re with us.


We have some great ideas that we are planning to roll out over the next 3/6/12 months which we know you’ll all love. Naturally this sort of things does require investment which is going to take a little bit of time to get together, but rest assured – We are here for the long haul and will keep diversifying our business and the products on offer in our shop.


We cannot stress how much we appreciate each and everyone one of you nor how thankful we are for your relentless unwavering support of our wee coffee shop. We’re looking forward to Christmas and the New Year and love that you’re along with us for the ride.


Onwards and upwards.


Muckle love,


Aaron and William

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